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Biker Jacket Medium - Sample Sale

£325.00 £134.00
  • Description

  • Features

  • Size Guide


    The Ankaa Biker Jacket: Presenting the latest in performance fashion, the dual function Waterproof Biker Jacket provides all year style and substance.

    A premium Italian fabric and sophisticated cut, offer a sleek, stylish finish and the easily detachable sleeves transform the jacket into a gilet, perfect for warmer days.

    The high-performing benefits of the Biker ensure stylish functionality. Fully waterproof with adaptable reflectives, this jacket is effortlessly unique.

    Colour: Navy 

    Valium Online Buy

    Sample sale goods are either samples, photoshoot samples, trade show samples or press pieces and therefore might differ slightly from the normal stock hence the exceptional low price.

    • Breathable Italian bi-stretch fabric with 3 layers, including a waterproof membrane
    • Fully taped to ensure watertight seams
    • Durable water repellent treatment
    • Water repellent Riri® Zips
    • Pleated shoulder panels for ease-of-movement
    • Reversible cuff straps and pocket flap with reflectives
    • Extending rain guard with reflective MEAME® logo
    • Underarm zips open for ventilation and will fully detach for gilet style
    • Zipped breast pocket with internal headphone eyelet
    • Waterproof mesh back panel under storm flap for temperature regulation
    • Magnetic closures on breast pocket and rain guard
    • Pacemakers: The operation could be affected by the close proximity of magnets
  • The waterproof biker jacket is designed to be a slim fit cut, if you prefer a looser fit we recommend going a size up.

    Neck   15    
    Chest   40    
    Sleeve   26.8    



      S M L XL
    Neck 33 38 43 48
    Chest 95.5 100.5 108 115.5
    Sleeve 67.5 68 69 69.5


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