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MEAME will never sell your data to anyone. We'll only use it within MEAME to send newsletters and keep you up to date. Please read our full Can You Buy Valium Over The Counter In Spain and Buying Valium Online Reviews policy for more information.

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Reflective Tweed Blazer - Sample Sale

£325.00 £129.00
  • Description

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  • Presenting the latest in performance fashion, this reflective tweed blazer looks as stylish on the journey as it does at the destination.

    Made from exclusive MEAME designed reflective British herringbone tweed, a tailored cut works with stylish shoulder pleating to give you added movement. Discreet under arm ventilation and luxury wool assist temperature regulation, whilst a quality Teflon® finish repels water. For night time safety the reflective thread within the weave is illuminated by headlights.

    See the Reflective Tweed at night: Valium Online Buy

    Colour: Quarry Grey & Navy


    Buy 50 Mg Valium

    Sample sale goods are either samples, photoshoot samples, trade show samples or press pieces and therefore might differ slightly from the normal stock hence the exceptional low price.

    • Exclusive British MEAME® Reflective Herringbone Tweed
    • Premium reflective fibers featuring Glass Bead technology
    • Teflon® water repellent finish
    • Naturally temperature-regulating luxury wool
    • Pleated shoulder panels for ease-of-movement
    • Front lined jacket for optimum wind resistance and comfort
    • Closing collar panel for extra coverage
    • Discreet under-arm ventilation eyelets
    • Zipped pocket with internal headphone eyelet
    • Internal Breast Pocket
    • Shoulder protection with Suedette Panels
  • The reflective tweed blazer is designed to be a slim fit cut, if you prefer a looser fit we recommend going a size up.

      S M L XL
    Neck 13 15 17 19
    Chest 38 40 43 45
    Sleeve 26.6 26.8 27.2 27.4

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Scale of 1-5 (1=Poor & 5=excellent)
Scale of 1-5 (1=Poor & 5=excellent)
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