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Biker Jacket

£325.00 £195.00
  • Description

  • Features

  • Size Guide


    The Altair Biker Jacket: Presenting the latest in performance fashion the dual function Waterproof Biker Jacket provides all year style and substance.

    A premium Italian fabric and sophisticated cut, offer a sleek, stylish finish and the easily detachable sleeves transform the jacket into a gilet, perfect for warmer days. 

    The high-performing benefits of the Biker ensure stylish functionality. Fully waterproof with adaptable reflectives, this jacket is effortlessly unique.

    Colour: Navy

    Free Delivery Buy Daz Diazepam
    • Breathable Italian bi-stretch fabric with 3 layers, including a waterproof membrane
    • Fully taped to ensure watertight seams
    • Durable water repellent treatment
    • Water repellent Riri® Zips
    • Pleated shoulder panels for ease-of-movement
    • Reversible cuff straps and pocket flap with reflectives
    • Extending rain guard with reflective MEAME® logo
    • Underarm zips open for ventilation and will fully detach for gilet style
    • Zipped breast pocket with internal headphone eyelet
    • Waterproof mesh back panel under storm flap for temperature regulation
    • Magnetic closures on breast pocket and rain guard
    • Pacemakers: The operation could be affected by the close proximity of magnets
  • The Waterproof Biker jacket is designed to be a feminine fitted cut and comes up small, if you prefer a looser fit we recommend going a size up.

      XS S M L
    Chest 33 36 38 40
    Waist 27 30 32 34
    Hips 37 39 41 43
    Sleeve 24.4 24.6 24.8 25



      XS S M L
    Chest 84 92 97 102
    Waist 69 76 81 86
    Hips 94 99 104.1 109.2
    Sleeve 62 62.5 63 63.5


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