Cactus Tongue


A design classic for bike storage, British brand Cactus Tongue create a storage solution that is not only functional but also beautiful. 


The Vision

Directors Jon Taylor and Peter Haycocks appreciate the beauty of the bicycle and set about creating the Cactus Tongue storage systems so that people could store their bike stylishly and out of the way. The Cactus Tongue bike hanger can make your bike pride of place in your home as a stunning feature to the room or alternatively, provide a sophisticated storage alternative to leaning your bike against the wall. Each piece has been crafted through appreciating and focusing on the sleek design and form of the product as much as the practicality. 

“It’s very compact and really well designed, ideal if you live in a flat or don’t have access to outside space” – Sir Paul Smith 

cactus both new

The Founders

The idea of Cactus Tongue first evolved from founder Jon Taylor, a keen surfer, designing Stikup, a storage display design for surfboards. Soon the pair realised that they could do something similar to Stikup, but with bikes, as it was clear that there were not many design led, quality storage display products available on the market. With fellow director Peter’s knowledge of the cycling scene and market the brand was able to focus on producing high quality, beautiful, British made products that serve the gap in the market. Cycling, like surfing, is very design led and the pair appreciated bikes as more than just tools but instead view them as their pride and joy, holding many memories and symbolising who they are. The philosophy behind Cactus Tongue is very much that “beautiful bikes deserve beautiful bike hangers.” It was also important for Jon and Peter to create products that were designed and made in Britain to ensure that they have a distinct British “feel” to them. 

“We want to see an alternative to utility bike storage, at home, in the workplace and in public places,” 

“With space so limited and with the huge growth in cycling, people are having to ‘live’ with their bikes, at home and at work. The bicycle is a beautiful machine – we make it easier to show them off and live amongst them with stunning design – led storage products.”