Antarctica Adventures

Antarctica is home to the coldest point of the earth ever recorded. In 2010 a ridge on Antarctica was the lowest ever recorded at -93.2°c (and we thought England was cold!) The highest temperature ever recorded being 14.5°c and so it is no surprise that there are no permanent residents here. The harsh conditions of the Antarctic make it the coldest, windiest, highest and driest continent in the world. Therefore, you can only visit during the Antarctic “summer” between November and March. This continent is certainly a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of Western cities and an extraordinary destination to consider if you want to escape the 9 to 5 and don’t mind the frosty climate.



For the adventurous thrill seekers among us there is the opportunity to travel to Antarctica and explore one of the most pristine and virtually untouched parts of the planet. With the option of a cruise or partly flying then taking a cruise package there are a number of cruise ships that tour Antarctic in the summer months between November and March offering the chance to experience this phenomenally unique continent. With the same comfort level as a cruise ship around the Caribbean (just a slightly different wardrobe) a cruising holiday around Antarctica lets you go off and tour the South Pole by day whilst providing a safe and warm base to return to at night.


An explorer’s paradise, Antarctica provides the perfect backdrop for a whole spectrum of activities. If you fancy an active trip then you can paddle board or kayak among the frozen glaciers or spend the night camped out under the midnight sun. Whether you want to cross country ski, mountaineer or ride a snowmobile, Antarctica is the ultimate place to test your limits and get outside your usual holiday comfort zone.


Due to the extreme conditions of Antarctica, very few animals are able to call the permanent glaciers and freezing water surrounding the South Pole home. This means that most animals (much like the humans in Antarctica) are seasonal visitors, migrating in the winter when the conditions become too difficult to bear. Possibly the bravest animal you will encounter on the open ice is the Emperor Penguin, the only animal to inhabit Antarctica during the winter. However, on your travels through Antarctica in the summer months you will be able to spot seals, whales, penguins and migrating birds. Whilst on this mesmerizing continent, you can join boat tours that sail alongside majestic humpback whales and tour the surrounding glaciers. There are also many guided photography tours of Antarctica where wildlife experts escort you to the prime locations enabling you to capture footage of wild penguins, seals and birds. Making for truly unbeatable holiday snaps.

Now how many of your friends can say they have been to this amazing continent?

Antarctica penguins